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High Performance Management Group

We are built by American rugby professionals dedicated to advancing the standards of competition and professionalism of our sport. America has the best athletes in the world and we're here to help us break through as the next powerhouse.

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About Us

Committed to Elevating American Rugby

After spending the last 5 years devoted to playing professional rugby throughout the United States, Matt Hughston and Anthony Parry realized that working to improve this sport is something they want to dedicate their lives to. Matt and Anthony are both extremely enthusiastic about giving back to the sport that has been a huge part of their lives. They both realized they can make a huge impact in American rugby by supporting players, like them, chasing their dreams while navigating the realities of playing for a startup professional sports competition with a limited salary cap. They have partnered with Ryan Murphy who was already helping players find homes on different MLR teams and has years of experience negotiating contracts for startups and blue chip companies. Together they have launched High Performance Management, a player advocacy and consultancy firm dedicated to promoting the interests of athletes. Playing the sport for many different professional organizations combined with their career skill set makes them uniquely qualified to guide athletes through all phases of their professional endeavors.

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High Performance Management Group Services

This is a home grown firm founded by rugby players who aim to uplift American rugby. We are committed to improving the professionalism and quality of American rugby by supporting the sports most valuable assets: its athletes.

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Creating Pathways from Amateur to Professional

Achieve Your Goals


Career Placement

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Contract Negotiation

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Create Multiple Revenue Streams

Achieve Your Goals

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Creating Pathways from Amateur to Professional

Accomplish Your Mission

High Performance Management Group offers a wide range of consulting services to serve a variety of businesses and clients. Whether you’re a small, local business or a multinational corporation, we can help you reach new levels of success. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you.

  • HPM will speak to top clubs around the country who are actively recruiting professional players for fall seasons. HPM will help potential MLR players get exposure to professional teams by out performing their peers in the fall seasons. 

  • Identifying and using MLR preferred pathways through MLR Academy sides and local unions to get players on Select and exhibition teams increasing their high level experience and exposure.

  • Creating portfolios; the firm will collect relevant KPI data and film to put together packages that highlight each player’s value. 

  • HPM will give our players access to the highest quality athletic performance plans. This includes sport specific skills, mental, nutritional, and physical aspects of athletic performance. The firm will help players improve and reach physical, technical, and tactical objectives.

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Professional rugby is a business. At the moment, professional rugby has limited capital dedicated to player salaries. For this reason, building a career while simultaneously playing rugby full time is extremely important. HPM is going to help players find opportunities outside of rugby so their careers are not put on hold while maintaining the schedule of a professional athlete.

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Contract Negotiation

Players often do not have professional business experience, but they are tasked with negotiating their own contracts with GM’s. Similar to most industries, conversations surrounding compensation and contracts can be tough. One of HPM’s objectives is to provide professional negotiating expertise, which will relieve the anxiety many players feel when brokering their own contracts.

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You are a Professional: Get Treated Like One

Creating multiple revenue streams for athletes; by seeking paid sponsorships, coaching jobs, and paid appearances for our team. So far, these opportunities in rugby have been limited, but they are key components of professional sports. HPM is actively improving the options players have to increase athletic-based revenue streams by making strategic partnerships and actively building relationships with brands on their athletes’ behalf. 

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Meet Our Team

Get to Know Us


Anthony Parry


Anthony has played rugby for clubs throughout the United States and also internationally. He is dedicating his life to raising the quality and professionalism of rugby in the United States.

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Matt Hughston


“Rugby has sculpted my life for the better, giving me opportunities at times when I did not have many. Rugby taught me strong characteristics and how to take ownership of my actions and my future. 
HPM is a vision of what I want to see change for better in American Rugby. To help develop and support the athletes as well as growing and promoting rugby at the top levels. This is a call to arms, a rise to action to progress our beloved game to new heights.”

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Ryan Murphy


Murphy has a passion for advancing the careers of athletes, performance artists, and other creatives through alternative dispute resolution, coalition building, and forward-thinking counsel wherever possible 

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