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Committed to Elevating American Rugby

After spending the last 5 years devoted to playing professional rugby throughout the United States, Matt Hughston and Anthony Parry realized that working to improve this sport is something they want to dedicate their lives to. Matt and Anthony are both extremely enthusiastic about giving back to the sport that has been a huge part of their lives. They both realized they can make a huge impact in American rugby by supporting players, like them, chasing their dreams while navigating the realities of playing for a startup professional sports competition with a limited salary cap. They have partnered with Ryan Murphy who was already helping players find homes on different MLR teams and has years of experience negotiating contracts for startups and blue chip companies. Together they have launched High Performance Management, a player advocacy and consultancy firm dedicated to promoting the interests of athletes. Playing the sport for many different professional organizations combined with their career skill set makes them uniquely qualified to guide athletes through all phases of their professional endeavors.

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